Monday, 17 November 2014

POLL: Who Should Win Vocal Group Of The Year At The 2014 CMA Awards?

Kimberly Perry, Zac Brown, Hillary Scott - these are just some of the names that make up some of the best vocal groups of the country and are contenders for Vocal Group of the Year at the CMA 2014 Awards last year's winner, Little Big Town , is in the running again, but there are several other groups in your game.

Eli Young Band, the guys behind hits like 'Drunk Last Night "and" powder "have been nominated for this award every year since 2012; This could be his time trio Lady Antebellum is no stranger to winning this category, and who have had a super strong year, closing her was 'gold' and branching into new territory with '747.'

LBT is the reigning Vocal Group of the Year, and are facing off against another strong competition, including brothers trio The Band Perry, who have been nominated in this category every year since 2010. In addition, they have eight career CMA Awards and nominations two wins. And Zac Brown Band continues to make an impact (from their recording debut in 2008) with his instrumental talents and highly touted and reputation as a solid rock vocal band.

Who should win Vocal Group of the Year at the 2014 CMA Awards? Vote below frequently than once every hour until the end of the day on Sunday, November 2nd we will tabulate the results and use them for our 2014 CMA Awards winners’ predictions week before the show.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Eli Young Band View CMA Nomination As Validation For Texas Artists

Lone Star State Quartet is nominated for the third time in the category Vocal Group
Eli Young Band James Young, Mike Eli and Jon Jones made in Washington in August.

Although the news of his nomination CMA Awards was delivered this morning rather unceremoniously - through an email sent by his manager - the excitement is not lost on Eli Young Band.

"We've been at this for a long time," says singer Mike Eli of the third year of the band in a row as candidates in the Vocal Group of the Year category. "It's great to know that everything we have built continues.'ve Worked very hard to get here."

Although the Denton, Texas, the band is now an omnipresent force in country music, in fact, it took 10 years to land on the radar of voters CMA. Their eponymous debut album was released in 2002, but the first nomination did not come until 2012 Took a lot of trudging - and a tune called "Even if your heart breaks" - to really break through the mainstream.

"For a long time we were the regional band in Texas," Eli tells Rolling Stone Country. "We were all clustered. I think a lot of times maybe were misinterpreted, or discounted. Took some time to convince everyone that we had something to offer the national level and in commerce."

Eli also expected given some validation for other Texas-bred artists seeking to gain recognition on Music Row. "Hopefully what we're doing is going to open some doors for them," says Eli.

Eli knows it's a tough category - Little Big Town snagged the coveted title last year, joining past winners such as Alabama, the Judds and Rascal Flatts - although it is keeping its fingers crossed just in case. In addition to a list of who to thank close.

"It's a pretty high bar," says its competence, including the Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band and once again, LBT. "All four of the other groups are great artists. We're big fans of Little Big Town, and they have been great friends to us. They have taught us many lessons from life and career."

Another category has really caught the attention of Eli: New Artist of the Year. "That's really cool that Brandy Clark came there. I'ma big fan Brandy Clark," he says of the "Get High" singer, the only woman in the race New Male Artist heavy. Next year, it is expecting to see acts like Lubbock Texas troubadour Josh Abbott Band and traditional honky-tonker Cody Johnson crack the list, although he is well aware of the limitations of the awards. "I know there are independent and worthy artists who do not get on the radio or CMA approved."

Eli Young Band Josh Abbott Band will both Johnson and on the road as part of its series House Party this fall, as well as a new artist that has sparked some conversation in recent times: bro-threading Maddie and Tae country. The young duo jab at the current rate singing about trucks and the ladies who love 'em. (For the record, Eli Young Band has been known for singing both occasions).

"They took that and ran with it, is not it," Eli laughs. "And more power to them. I think it was a big statement to make, and the good thing about being an artist is that you need to come out and say something that matters. But I do not think it will end the class. Of music guys write and record can not deny what we are: boys will be boys ".

The 48th Annual CMA delivery will be broadcast live on November 5 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Country Dreams Come True For Eli Young Band

The Eli Young Band grandstand entertainment begins in the Mississippi Valley Fair on Tuesday night.

It is a long way from a dorm room at the University of North Texas to the top of the country charts.

But it has paid off for members of the Eli Young Band, opening the Mississippi Valley Fair grandstand entertainment Tuesday night.

"Always is like a joke overnight success 13 years," said guitarist James Young from his home in Nashville.

Note that there is one called "Eli Young" in Eli Young Band. The group began with Young and Mike Eli while they were freshmen in college in Denton, Texas, during the 2000s.

"In the old days, we might have thought it would go a little faster than this," Young said. "But no complaints here."

With bassist Jon Jones and drummer Chris Thompson, they released a self-titled debut album in 2002 they signed with a new label in 2005, and their 2008 single "Always the Love Songs," was what he called a young "quasi-top- 10 "hit in 2008.

Two more barely cracked the top-40 country singles.

"We were dead in the water as far as the radio," Young recalled, "but we were floating around for a while."

The fate of the group return with the release of "Crazy Girl" in 2011, which reached number 1 on the charts and they won song of the year at the Academy of Country Music in 2012 was given.

"'Crazy Girl' really kicked the door open for us as far as getting noticed nationally," said Young Song, co-written by country singer Lee Brice. "This catapulted us from a small regional group in Texas begin to go play throughout the USA

"That really got our name out there to the fans of country music," he said of the album, which topped the country charts in year-end 2011.

Another No. 1, "Even if it breaks your heart," followed. The next single, "Say Goodnight", peaked on the charts in the 30s.

But the release of the album "10000 Towns" gave the group a rebound, with the song "Drunk Last Night" topped the country charts.

His latest single, "Dust" is No. 17 this week. The band played Tuesday night on "The Late Show with David Letterman".

Young said it takes more than talent to be a success in country music.

"It really is all about timing," he said. "Timing is everything, and only has the one right at the right time and the right people."

Interviewed earlier this month, Young said the band knew "Dust" would succeed just the response he got at concerts.

"There's one thing when you're on tour and play these shows and you're playing a song," he said. "In the early stages of a single radio, people can know if they have heard off the record or whatever. But it is fun to see the correlation between hearing people on the radio and singing again in the live show.

"That's what's happening now, so it's exciting," he said.

Young said he expects more singles coming out of "10,000 people."

"Every record we do, we make sure they are proud of it from the first song to the last song," he said. "God willing, there are a couple more songs on this album."

Summer band has included serving as opening acts Darius Rucker and Jake Owen. (Although the EYB is touring with Owen, who is not on the bill for tonight's show at the iWireless Center in Moline.)

Young said that this is the life you dreamed of when he and Eli were freshmen guitar-plucking in a dorm of North Texas U...

"We've always just wanted to have a career in music doing this," he said. "It's the best job ever. Count our blessings every day."

Monday, 16 June 2014

New York State Fair: Country Music Acts Angie Johnson, Eli Young Band To Perform Aug. 28 At Chevy Court

A group of popular country and former contestant on "The Voice" music have been added to the lineup of Chevy Court of the State Fair New York, fair officials announced Thursday.
Country music artist Angie Johnson, a member of the Air National Guard, whose cover of Adele "Rollin 'In the Deep" went viral, will perform at 2 pm Thursday, August 28 at Chevy Court.

Later in the day, the country music group Eli Young Band will take the stage. The band is scheduled to perform at 8 pm

"The Eli Young Band will provide an evening of fun, hard-driving country music and be one of the main performances of the season Chevy Court," said acting state fair Waffner Troy. "The band is new to the show and is one more reason to see the more than two dozen new attractions, events and activities at the state fair in 2014."

Successes include Eli Young Band "Always the Love Songs", "Crazy Girl" and "Even if your heart breaks." The group released a new album, "10000 Peoples," in March. The album includes hits like "Drunk Last Night" and "Dust".

Johnson, who was a member of Team Cee Lo on the second season of "The Voice", has been on active duty in the U.S. Air Force. Has performed at the White House and sang "God Bless America" during Game 5 of the World Series 2013.

Until Thursday, the fair has announced 15 Chevy Court acts. Concerts in Chevy Court free with fair admission.

Here is the Chevy Court lineup update:

- Thursday, August 21 2 pm - Kellie Pickler; 8PM - Barenaked Ladies

- Friday, August 22 2 pm - Smash Mouth

- Saturday, August 23 8 pm - The Bacon Brothers

- Sunday, August 24 8 pm - Young The Giant

- Monday, August 25: 14:00 - Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone; 8PM - John Kay and Steppenwolf

- Tuesday, August 26: 14:00 - Rock & Roll Party by Bowzer; 8PM - Night Ranger

- Wednesday, August 27 2 pm - Chef Anne Burrell; 8PM - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

- Thursday, August 28 2 pm - Angie Johnson; 8PM - Eli Young Band

- Friday, August 29: 20:00 - Jukes Southside Johnny and the Asbury

- Monday, September 1: 6PM - The Doobie Brothers

The fair runs from August 21 to September 1.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Eli Young Band Adding Napping Bus To Tour

Right now, members of the Eli Young Band are probably on a bus traveling somewhere from show to show. But what bus? That's the question now that a couple of the guys in the band are to bring along their most precious arts - babies.

Lead singer Mike Eli said that having children on the road is getting better and better. Kacey Eli and his wife have a daughter, Olivia Kline, who turns 2 this summer, when the band is playing the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, Oregon and Jon Jones and his wife Sarah will have a son, Hudson Lennon, who will be 2 later this year.

"They're getting a little older so it will be a bit easier them because their schedules could be a little easier, “Eli explained in a radio interview. " Especially since our schedule on the road is completely opposite to the kiddos and so, fortunately, we have two different buses. "

Here's how to Eli bus wise, Jones and bandmates James Young and Chris Thompson breakdown things.

"We have four in one that we can use for the kiddos to be able to take naps and stuff," Eli said. “But that's kind of a new thing, juggling everything. So I hope you will be able to leave in the summer for that trip. "

The Eli Young Band will be on tour this summer in the days of Jake Owen tour de Oro.

"We've known Jake for a long time and really had a great time getting to know him, so it will be really fun to be in an entire trip with him," Eli said.

The Eli Young Band video for "Drunk Last Night" is nominated for video of the year group in 2014 CMT Music Awards will be broadcast live Wednesday ( June 4 ) at 8 pm ET .

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jason Aldean, Eli Young Band Tip Off Final Four Weekend In Dallas

Artists countries highlight opening night of March Madness Music Festival NCAA

" If you live in Texas, you probably drive a big ass truck four-wheel drive. "

That's not a generalization : That's how Jason Aldean introduced "Night Train" - their hit crossover that tries to perform magic with that special person ( and " a fifth " Comfort " ) inside of that truck - half way through their headlining set Friday night in March Madness Music Festival NCAA . And the cries of approval received definitely proved that knows his audience.

The 19 best NCAA Cinderella stories
Like the man himself, the songs Aldeanson difficult to use and screaming and celebrating bad girls brown liquor, shot through a defiant “Do not Fence Me in " spirit and in place reinforced guitars that roar like John Deere engines .

And he played a lot of those songs Friday opening with stomping , swaggering "Crazy Town " and rumbling through hits like " When she says Baby," " Johnny Cash" , " My Kinda Party ," " Hicktown " and " the only way I know how. " Aldean sang them all with his Wing Resistol pulled down over his eyes, smiling as his band charge through chords and solos took provided by beating wrestling to the melodies. Even covered "Cowboy.” From Kid Rock

Jason Aldean performs live at the Music Festival March Madness NCAA in Dallas, TX.

But the attitude is only part of the secret of his success; the other is the ability of the bejeezus Aldean singing a ballad, and has noted with softer songs, too, like "Big Green Tractor" and “does not want to stay," his duet charts with Kelly Clarkson. He performed both Friday, to the delight of the couples in the crowd, which slowly danced and sang along in unison.

While Aldean has struck a defiant stance for most of his career, rising stars Eli Young Band have been successful in recent years with a string of hits - "Crazy Girl," “Guinevere " -

who take the opposite path. His songs are universal and overwhelmingly inexcusably seriously (his most recent clash, "Drunk Last Night”, vocalist Mike Eli is apologizing for a drunk dial), so it made an interesting counterpoint to the afternoon show foot line Aldean.

Eli Young Band performs live at the Music Festival March Madness NCAA in Dallas, TX.

Still, EYB were definitely in the mood to party. Songs like the muscled -up "10000 Towns" (which featured a little Eli - rapping about "Redneck hip- hop”) and low rubber "Level" were proof of that. And even got a couple of covers - Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimme Three Steps" and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ' " Learning To Fly" - to help loosen the mood , but for a band that was formed within 40 miles away in Denton, this concert was to celebrate how far we've come , figuratively.

So Eli made several “follow your dreams” speech and repeatedly mentioned that the music had changed his life. And then he and his bandmates went and did achieve a maximum coverage of numbers work great heart as "On My Way” and "Always the Love Songs” as a whole. His themes are the test of time (love, infidelity, heartbreak), and his message was clear: this band could be you.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Eli Young Band's Mike Eli Celebrates Wedding Anniversary Eating Roast By Candlelight In Front Of The TV

Eli Young Band frontman Mike Eli did not come from a fancy night to celebrate their recent wedding anniversary. Instead, 

Mike and his wife celebrated very simply at home.

He tells Country Aircheck, "We celebrate in front of the television with two bar stools, a barbecue and candlelight on the bar stools in front of us."

Since Mike is on the road touring so much, we're sure his wife enjoyed the quiet night at home.

Eli Young Band continues instead of opening the True Believers Darius Rucker tour this weekend with concerts in Florida and Alabama.