Monday, 5 September 2016

WATCH: Justin Bieber Performed ‘Love Yourself’ & ‘Company’ And It Was Just Glorious

The ‘Purpose’ star took to the stage – and even took his performance into the crowd - at the i Heart Radio Awards and it was EVERYTHING.

He might be in the midst of his ‘Purpose’ World Tour, but that didn’t stop Justin Bieber from putting on one heck of a performance at the iHeartRadio Awards this weekend – even getting amongst the crowd!

Justin Bieber's Hair Transformations: 29 Of The 'What Do You Mean' Star's Best Looks

Justin performed an acoustic version of ‘Love Yourself’ on guitar before going into ‘Company’ – and he definitely got the crowd on their feet and dancing along to his slick tour routines.

As well as SMASHING it on stage, he also got amongst the crowd and danced with a fan – erm, jealous much? – and managed to weave his way between the hundreds of #Beliebers making a grab for him as he walked through.

We LOVE how much of a showman the Biebs is – we could happily watch him perform all day long! 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hear Eli Young Band And Andy Grammer's 'Honey, I'm Good' Country Remix

Country quartet teams aligned with the pop star to rebuild their feel-good summer hit

Andy Grammer hit, "Honey, I'm fine," may be about remaining faithful to his wife while he's on tour, but the pop composer is more than willing to play the field when it comes to experimenting with genres. Why Eli Young Band recruited to add some accent Quick-Step Texas and voice tinged by a country version of the song for their second release, magazines or novels.

Key Exchange guitar harmonies and increase to a higher level, the song works surprisingly well as a modern country tune - something that could very well slide in next to Jake Owen of "Real Life" or Frankie Ballard of "Sun and whiskey "Nashville where the influence comes through over a foot stomping melody fused with pop hooks and suitable for both honky-Tonks and fraternity houses. Known for its easily digestible, hymns everyday-dude for the flip-flops over wingtips, Grammer is not the first of its kind to look for a country duo action: In 2013, Hunter Hayes showed sugar Jason Mraz, voices sing-talk "Everyone has one but me."

If this is an indication of a more pop direction of Eli Young Band in the factory sixth studio album - or simply a recreational activity - it remains to be seen, but there is definitely a sense of experimentation in his new EP, Turn It On, released in March. Although the quartet based in Texas love the art of making a full-length LP, recording this collection of four songs was a unique way to test the waters, and give fans exactly what they want: the new music, immediately.

"Are we the kind of guys who enjoy reading notes because we appreciate these things? Yes, we love it," said Mike Eli Rolling Stone Country. "But there comes a point where you realize that the fans want the music right away. And that's what fun to do an EP. is We have to put music to a month and a half after actually recorded. We have not been in this situation since we were a regional band with no label. "

To be fair, Eli Young Band version is not the first country cover "Honey, I'm good" in existence - a Canadian singer named Eric Ethridge let out a bluegrass-infused take on YouTube in April. No word on whether Grammer was inspired by it, but in any case, they stayed away from the dueling violins.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Eli Young Band Warm Up Country Jam Crowd With Drinking, Love + Cover Songs

Who's tired? Nor the thousands of fans who were, sang, danced and clapped during Sunday night Eli Young Band (June 21), created in the Country Jam 2015. The sun was still, but the temperature had dropped only a little earlier in the day when he flirted with three digits. The four-man band took the stage and quickly got fans pumped with "Drink You Up", "Revelations" and "10000 Peoples".

"This is the time when we are all proof," said vocalist Mike Eli. "If you do not know the lyrics to this next song, you've been living under a rock." The boys then played a popular tapa, David Lee Murphy "Dust on the Bottle" before singing his own "Dust." Another cover towards the end of their set included Tom Petty "Learning to fly" and Garth Brooks "The Thunder Rolls ".

Of course, the band also became the title track of his new EP, Turn It On, followed by "Always love songs." "I feel like I'm sitting around a campfire in Texas," Eli admitted. Numerous small American flags waving in the air during the "Prayer for the Road", which is dedicated to "those of you out there who have served their country." American Pride floated through the air on the last day of Country Jam.

"Tomorrow morning some of you wake up with a headache ... I pray that you can think of us and smiled," Eli encouraged. The crowd cheered as "drunk last night" began to fill with Grand Junction. "Your place or mine" soon followed.

Before "Even if your heart is broken," the Texan leader told a quick story about his father, as it was Father's Day. "I remember the time I first saw Garth Brooks. I told my parents, 'That's what I want to do,'" Eli said. "My father said, 'Wow, I've been working three jobs in the past 10 years so we could go to college if you do not go to college, I'll kick your a-.'".

"Happy Father's Day!" Joked the singer. "I went to college, and all met and started a band. We were terrible students, but we were there ... This is for all dreamers out there."

Eli Young Band played just before headliner closed Toby Keith Country Jam 2015. "I want to thank Toby Keith, his band, and his crew for putting our butts drunk!" Eli said. "They have seen our madness. Now we would like to see his madness." The group wrapped his show with an exaggerated performance of "Crazy Girl".

Monday, 18 May 2015

Eli Young Band, Justin Moore And Dierks Bentley Put On Energetic Performances Saturday

Eli Young Band, Justin Moore and Dierks Bentley put in strong performances Saturday

The new wave of country known as fraternal country - snapbacks and ragged pants, anyone? - I was in full force Saturday with some traditional accent as Eli Young Band, Justin Moore and Dierks Bentley hit hard stages Saturday diligence.

Eli Young Band

The Eli Young Band - Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones and Chris Thompson - things started Toyota Mane Stage at 6 pm with "10,000 people" and the single "Dust". The group - launched over 15 years ago in Denton, Texas - has found success in layers of rock and roll in their country sound.

After a new song from his latest EP, "Turn It On", the group moved to "Drunk Last Night" and then announced they would be playing a song that had never acted before an audience.

"Be kind and let us know what you think," Eli said with a laugh as he and the band began "Your place or mine", a catchy melody that describes how exes and love spending time falling in and out of the feelings for others and often end up in places each.

The band closed their set of encouraging the public to follow their dreams "Even if your heart is broken," and single "Crazy Girl" for all ladies.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Eli Young Band Ignite Firefighter Love

"Prayer" Song Gets Approval of Families of Heroes

it’s not like the Eli Young Band set out to write a song about the firefighters who die in the line of duty. But again, watch Chicago Fire, so at least have some notion of the dangers these heroes face every day.

When I saw the new bonus video the band made for "Prayer for the Road", a song from their album than 10,000 people, the message is much, much deeper.

I already loved the way I love all country songs about the life of a musician tired of the road. Maybe more, however, because this is intoxicating voice and lyrics by Mike Eli on the note to his wife left in your suitcase:

"May the angels fly by your side, for every mile roll / that heaven hears this prayer, prayer for the road."

But then the video takes up a few notches emo introducing a firefighter who watches his wife crying for him as he is dying. (Once you realize what is happening, which is similar to Carrie Underwood "Just a Dream").

And that's how I know its moving firefighters World: Hundreds of people have to answer in the media. Too many families of firefighters to tell, but this handful of comments shows that a new group of Eli Young Band fans out there:

"Love love this song being a mom to two firefighters, wow, great job on this, bless ya'll! My Sarah joined Jesus in February 16, 2012 at 23, she would have loved this song because he loved be a firefighter, and my oldest remains a fireman. "

"I am a firefighter and this song hits home. I showed it to my wife and had her in tears. I think that's what I was looking for, mission accomplished."

"The husband of my sister went to heaven a year ago this week. Scott, Tanksley was an incredible firefighter, husband, father, brother and friend."

"The video is awesome and the tears are flowing. This really hits home! God bless our lifeguards and bring them home safely."

"This woman firefighter also loved!! Song amazing!"

"As the wife of a firefighter, the song and the video comes home. Cried the whole video. Beautiful song!"

"I love this. My husband and I are firefighter EMT and this definitely hits home. Love you. Thank you all."

The Eli Young Band launch Turn It On, a new four-song EP on March 10.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Eli Young Band

Texas Country Boys return to the Lone Star state for the show rodeo, February 20

After years of paying his dues in the ballrooms of Texas (who still enjoy frequent), the Eli Young Band rose to national prominence in recent years after his 2011 song "Crazy Girl" reached number 1 in the lists and then won an Academy of Country Music Award for song of the Year. Its success has continued ever since with two No. 1 hits including additional "Drunk Last Night" from his latest album Peoples-10000 and a recent appearance in a Super Bowl XLIX event. Mike Eli, lead vocalist, says his experience in the state of Texas prepared them for a variety of audiences, but to follow his own advice, that actually reach their wake. "The harder work than anyone else," says Eli, which appear on February 20 in San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo along with bandmates James Young, Jon Jones and Chris Thompson. "That's an advantage that you can control and nobody can take from you."

What's it like to play in a rodeo as opposed to a small ballroom?
Sometimes it is difficult to achieve intimacy with the fans who come so easy in a club or theater, but there are really funny moments that happen in rodeos. We get to run around the earth and have this unique experience for us and the fans. The acoustics can be difficult at times, but usually beat that.

What should the audience expect San Antonio on February 20?
Just a lot of fun. We love what we do and it shows. Let's play a lot of our old songs that all Texas fans know and then some of the newest things. Maybe one or two songs from the new album being recorded right now.

How to its roots as a band of Texas influence your music?
Freedom of the (Texas music) scene gave a spine. We know what we want and are willing to take a chance on him. Fans in Texas gave us that confidence. All the success we have had is built on the shoulders of our fans in Texas. Playing at the scene of Texas gave us the experience that a lot of new to the tours do not understand people. We played a lot of places throughout Texas and learned how to entertain a crowd in different kinds of places.

His band has been described as a brotherhood. How has maintained that since the group was first formed at the University of North Texas in 2000?
Actually we like each other. We believe that the other family, and you do not choose your family. The good Lord put us together and gave us this amazing opportunity. Come out there and work as hard as we can, and we are seeing its fruits. We have the opportunity to experience the good and bad together. We never have to go at it alone.